Our mission

Our mission is to advocate for efficient pest control in agriculture, with a focus on minimizing pesticide usage and its impact on the quality of the end-product and the ecosystem.  

Our goal is to enhance the production od insects on a large scale, while prioritizing the well-being and competitiveness of the colonies. 

We contribute to the protection of your crops

The widespread use of pesticides and their environmental persistence are causing the emergence of pest insect populations that are resistant to these chemicals. 


Applying pesticides to combat resistant insect populations proves ineffective, leading to extra expenses and diminishing the quality of the end product. Nevertheless, there is still a need for insecticide application to manage specific pests. So, what is the solution? The solution lies in reducing and regulating the use of pesticides, ensuring they are applied only in the necessary time and location.

Cucare has pioneered the development of tools for analyzing resistance in pest insect populations.  

This invaluable information enables us to determine the most effective treatment and optimal timing for its application. Through our monitoring service, clients gain continuous access to this information, resulting in reduced pesticide usage and enhanced quality of the final product and its surrounding environment.

We prioritize the well-being of your insects' health

Ensuring the health and competitiveness of insect hatchlings is crucial for the success of production facilities. 


Pathogens present a significant risk to the large-scale breeding of insects as they can lead to colony collapse, resulting in severe economic losses. While adhering to hygiene practices and proper operational guidelines can prevent certain infections, there are latent pathogens that can initiate infections and cause diseases under specific conditions.

At Cucare, we provide early and quantitative pathogen detection services to proactively prevent infectious outbreaks in insect farming. 


Our early detection capabilities enable us to intervene before the pathogen spreads throughout the colony. Additionally, our quantitative analysis assesses the risk of an infectious outbreak, allowing for timely and appropriate measures. Through our monitoring service, you can maintain continuous control over colony health, mitigating the potential consequences of pathogen infections.


Increased production

Cost savings



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